Primary Services

We are a consortium of scientists, engineers and business professionals identifying the right solutions to improve your return-on-technical investments. InvenGen, a technology development consulting firm, is focused on helping you increase the effectiveness of your innovation process to meet the tough product and manufacturing process challenges you face.

  • Technology Innovation – InvenGen develops product and manufacturing process technologies that provide a distinct competitive market advantage
  • Turn-Key Technology Development – We bring together design & development, manufacturing, and marketing expertise to provide complete solutions for quick entry into ophthalmic surgical instrument markets
  • Technology Forecasting & New Technology Applications – We benchmark your engineering system⁄ technology and forecast next steps of its evolution by identifying future problems and resolving them
  • Navigating Patent Barriers – InvenGen finds additional degrees of design freedom by helping you maneuver around competitive patents
  • Patenting Assistance – We provide technical assistance during the patenting process such as a ‘design-around’ vulnerability analysis which evaluates a design’s susceptibility to being circumvented
  • Innovation Coaching – We can help improve the effectiveness of your organization’s innovation process